Friday, August 31, 2007


QUAIL DREG LYRICS Music: Power Douglas

QUAIL DREG (featuring Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio)

clutching this transient dungaree shamshir in the mammalian dominion

pre.teen cougars panting for me

visceral breathing free clamor at brook, to cleanse this cobra flesh delirium ashes egalitarian ground soot

i must talk to the oak

it clashes with cathedrals and electrical behavior,fetal swans kodiak hunt for strangers

howling at the motherfuckin sun under miniscus dark banter came the burial for the wanderers

tonight i climb a conifer!

watch for the breeds tracing my cabin built on the covenant that i'll return to my engines and wine

i am

this splint here is lacquered in blood

when i weep i'm more fierce

binary love solomon them two

my hands gnaw a catacomb in the ravine soil down the waterflask

and oats remain cool the fangs of appalachian gust, i duel

cintaurs nest by yonder ridge, we trade stonemachines for figs

now i know man is younger than the moon

beige dingos whimper patriarchal strife

exuberant canyons snatched my wife

after the carpentry of clouds the heart is fertile

now i know man is younger than the moon

binary love solomon them in two

scribed and diagonally pierced by furor thin, new halogen burned by tunde adebimpe

copywritten and pantherism enforced


Yuki as dkem e nostro meeslsidixome diken yoru en cuanto assarishita neifarke tem ask assarishita kiyu-zu sarukan charaista nematis ka ala q state va faqurishdego ifkramen eker istremeacledeh ekna stakita

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Matt on the left. Eddie on the right. I'm hiding under the covers in the back... afraid of witnessing my worst nightmare.. the animal in us...taking over the galaxy.. taking over everything like if it's all one big playground... what's left of the earth is the core of an apple. Once you get to the unknown ledge of knowledge, will it be useful, will it matter? Are we worms? When I went to see Tool and Melt Banana perform, from a height people looked like worms...the pit looked like a black the one in the center of our galaxy. It's all relative right? There's always more, much more.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


in my head, on the wall


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Monday, August 6, 2007

David and Alex

My two dear friends David (foreground) and Alex(background w/ helmet) had an interesting relationship in highschool. This piece is an example of a touchy subject for Alex that wasn't as delicate for David. Here we see Hitler's army invading Poland. David is looking at the past while Alex although aware of it choses not to. The expressions on their faces is key. David with a slight smirk and Alex dead serious.

In your eyes

In your eyes I saw everything
Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight, all the seasons, all the weathers
you came to me from a foggy dream
and back to that fog you went

My point of reference, Shangri-La hourglass
Gracefully clumsy, brilliantly ignorant, urban wildchild
you bore the mark of the moment
and the moment's war paint danced to your beat

We lost equilibrium but we smiled at inhibriated shadows
Knowing soon we'd be that to each other
Done with this, next with that, no formula to explain
why we laugh when we want to cry

Who were those people when I look back on us?
Two neighboring galaxies warped in proximity
No repetitive attempt at fusion could have changed the course
of two spirits bound to different destinations

The death of this present is, not looking at the past
Hindsight is foresight through insight
we were compelled to become the others
and float from the lake, back to the river and onto the ocean

Thursday, August 2, 2007

David E. Olivera

My best friend David has been working on a series of landscape paintings of the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands. The amount of research and planning that he has done to meticulously recreate this city is truly inspiring. This city was the location of a major battle in WW2 and had the Allies won this battle they would have ended the war sooner and less people would have died. The Allies lost (the war dragged on for another year) and the bridge featured in most of these paintings was destroyed as was much of the city. To look at these paintings is to be transported to another time period...right before the city was blown to smithereens. An admirable undertaking by an amazing painter (and he's only a year older than I am!). I'm only showing here 3 of about 12 pieces he's done so far but I'll be linking him up in the future when his page is up! Go David go!!