Saturday, August 25, 2007


Matt on the left. Eddie on the right. I'm hiding under the covers in the back... afraid of witnessing my worst nightmare.. the animal in us...taking over the galaxy.. taking over everything like if it's all one big playground... what's left of the earth is the core of an apple. Once you get to the unknown ledge of knowledge, will it be useful, will it matter? Are we worms? When I went to see Tool and Melt Banana perform, from a height people looked like worms...the pit looked like a black the one in the center of our galaxy. It's all relative right? There's always more, much more.


hobbitcore said...

that shit is crazy's a computer simulation so don't freak out thinking it's real...i don't think cameras can actually photograph a black hole like that...still crazy though

remember that day of the Tool show when i thought the sun would explode? hahahaha that was crazy.

verdadverde said...

that was hilarious... the sun could explode at any moment!

William Fenholt said...