Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've neglected the BlogOSPHERE

So I've been absent from this wonderful, secluded format... well somewhat secluded. I brought back from the dead a gigantic painting I had on my wall in Alhambra and then Pasadena for years... years ago.. wow.. YEARS!!! I watched Control Room and was moved by this image of a bomb victim being interviewed on Al Jazeera So I played GOD and used a bit of her likeness to make my own version of lady justice. I ripped off the shape of her body from a Bouguereau. I felt like Frankenstein and I heard thunder when I was done with this one. The show is coming up soon and I gotta finish this monster I started years ago.... hmm there are lots of ghosts on the way


William Fenholt said...

You my friend, are a good artist. Blue die send, far a should marred test.

sophan said...

i love your atmosphere!!! there's so much tlc that are shown with each stroke...........give's me a warm feeling!

Victorytea said...

Rei, so very happy you are showing!! What a lovely face and body you have painted:) Nope, still haven't gotten one of those things called 'roommate', haven't had time to look. you want to live at commune, yes?