Friday, April 18, 2008

PS14 night

So Sat. night I did some live/alive/1life? painting. and . wow. yes. the wow factor was incredible...I guess every moment should be a "wow" moment pow wow moment but unfortunatelly we can't remain in a state of ecstasy forever since we might give up eating or doing anything whatsoever and inevitably die. That afternoon I decided to climb my roof with Alex Grey's book The Mission of Art in my mouth. The teethmarks are a nice reminder. The sunset was amazing and there were rain clouds to the east. I could see a faint rainbow over orange lit rainclouds. I read outloud some of the preliminaries.

Remembrance - Remember we have only a limited time to live and do our art, so we should quit stalling and get on with our creative spiritual work. Remember the source of your inspiration.

Forgiveness- Forgive yourself and others for coming between you and your creativity. Don't pollute your flow of creative energy with hatred and resentment.

Intention- Intention is like a starter for the engine of creativity. Pledge to do your best work for the highest good, to practice your art as a way of spiritually awakening yourself and others. This can help purify or restructure your baser motives, such as how famous you might become or how much money you could get for a work.

Consecration- Offer yourself and your art tools to divine influence. Pray for inspiration, stabilizaton of the mind and body, and submission to the divine will. Ask for the blessings of spirit on your methods and materials.

Revelation- Access the highest grounds of the divine imagination by whatever means necessary. Bring fresh insights and visionary imagery back to share.

Repentance- The change of heart and mind that accompanies revelations must now be woven into your life by bringing them to form. Art becomes a vessel of this change of heart and functions as repentance, a way of getting right with the spirit.


gumkid said...

thats a nice paiting man, , I really like your philosophy, especially the one about our time limits. some good stuff

Francis Vallejo said...

wow man rockin panting! nice shadow colors!

sophan said...

i call this painting foreal, because it's the truth!

Baklazhan said...

I have either read this somewhere else on your blog already or I just had a deja vu reading this. I love it when the brush-strokes land easily to suggest the form, I see many instances of this in this painting. It has spontenaiety.

dave said...

amen to reinier you are such a positive source of energy. very inspiring. thank you! btw the painting kicks ass!!!

William Fenholt said...

You're such a satanist.

Victorytea said...

Rei! I think I secured a van for us to take shelter in for burning man, we also want to paint it, or attach LED lights to it. I think so far it would be: you, me, rox, and possibly sky (the owner of said van). You think you might be interested?

Simon S. Andrews said...

amen to that

meghan annee said...

i want this. inside my body more than it already is. perhaps i will have a big bowl of it for breakfast.