Saturday, January 31, 2009



it is no longer safe for my mother to ride a bike


tulips are green flags in merry weather
cheap sweat is sheep sweating leather
Ay Que, Ay Que si, ay que No
hitherto, hither foam,
find me pleasant, find Jerome
weaving aspects on my throne

many times as before, de ja vu ...toreador
many times, matador, lluvia seca... por favor
in E, Ming Lee, I need more, who's the master on the floor,
who's that figure at my door, is the army's janitor that poor?

1960s come and go, borrowed memories, vicarious rebellion
the state forms a square, our square plus your square equals the eagle's modern housing complex
windows for our eyes to follow, composition of opposites in dynamic flirtation

we are OFF to study things we care about
we are ON the cusp of true solidarity
but we are OFF ... looking out there before looking IN
internal conflict feeds the chaos
if we have less options will it be easier to make a decision?
treating a tumor with a baseball bat in medieval glory
the legacy of the industrial massacre feeds more mouths than ever but cripples with every bite

better to remain LOST than FOUND in the gold RUSH


hopocalypse now said...

possibility: let your mom explore what could possibly be dangerous..because thats the the unknown and the unknown is whats worth living for.

minotaure said...

come home, lets play again.