Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketchbook and Remoshindigaloops

My New Approach is... to update this blog at least weekly. So a bit of backtracking .... had a show in July with mates The Creative Natives at Neon Forest Gallery in Orlando, FL. Check out this link for a video documenting the process and for more Creative Native info. Cheerio!
August 20th. I participated in the Young Blood exhibition at the ArtSeen gallery Miami,FL. For those who didn't catch the opening the closing reception will be this Sat. August 24. Here's more infor ma cion
... and finally here's some sketchbook musings I'd like to share for the sake of retinal stimulation.


angie said...

weekly goodies. thank you. i adore the colour, it really makes the sketches pop!

Abz said...

beautiful work! :)

stop by, and follow if u like! :)