Thursday, July 19, 2007

1962 Collabo

Collaborations!!! ahhhH!!!! I want to "do" more of THEM. So far this is my favorite performance so farOUT. This image is only half of the actual piece but since I don't have the original I decided to finish it off as a sort of collage. The blue strip on the right was the latest addition and it's pretty much the photo of the original art covering part of Ilya Repin's painting of Jesus in the desert. Eli Sipsas started it off with some prints of his designs on wood. I worked from an Edward S. Curtis photograph and tried to adjust the image as best as I could using Eli's design elements and the color palette he had initially established. Andrew Hem added a couple of circles for some embellishment. This is one of the fastest paintings I've ever done, Eli is a witness.. and ironically I was stoned off my mind (thank you Eli). I usually can't paint under MJ's influence but once in a while... OOOLAALAAA! As Usual there are a couple of hidden elements but they are in the state of becoming and I don't want to seal their fate.

....and his vision is alive


Jay River said...

E.S. Curtis on Film

William Fenholt said...

this is amazing.

William Fenholt said...

P.S. I'll let you pick the prints you want me to have. Kind of like when you pick something out for someone for their birthday. Kind of like how my birthday is on Saturday. This saturday.

A Reinier print would be an amazing gift.

P.S.S. If you painted something on that postcard in your usual amazing painterly style, I wouldn't be surprised if someone stole it because it was so good.

AƧoreAnjo said...

we gonna collabo...! this image is why i called you lovely head..:)