Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Chiiiiiill, Winston"

I need to chill and FoCUS.. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. For the past couple of months I haven't been able to harness my energy into a single piece from start to finish. This can be really discouraging because I can't seem to land on any solid ground. All I've been able to do is dish out countless line drawings of what appears to be nonsense. This is not my brain on drugs, this is my brain when it doesn't know what to do with itself.
Also. Here are two visual rides through a couple of paintings I did a while back. There's no intent on making these clips look professional so you will be subjected to a shaky camera if you choochoochoose to watch...and if you don't like Bjork then don't even bother.



sophan said...

oh my gosh, the first video is freash!!!! man you've been doing a few large scale huh? recently i've been stuck on 11x14, but im planning a 15' painting in a couple of weeks:)

hobbitcore said...

and if you don't like Bjork then don't even bother

living? yeah i would have to agree with that.

hobbitcore said...

dude that song from the first video...Enjoy

you know DJ Shadow did a lot of the beats on the Post album...and that song Enjoy is about her sexual relationship with him XD

hobbitcore said...

hey cocksuck i just left a message on your cell phone but i know you won't check it so the message was that if you can't come over tomorrow for the 2C-I then perhaps you'd be down to come over tonight after i get off work for it. call me if you're down for this ish daw'. peace. out.

Victorytea said...

reirei! you're paintings are getting more and more crazy with all the involved stream of consciousness(?) images. Did I ever tell you that I also love abstract art? I think it could be just as telling as representational stuff. Good luck with finding your mind, wish me luck too.

Victorytea said...

oh and btw, reirei, I'm *still* waiting for a letter in return *not so subtle hint...*

Rox said...

Awe... there's always tomorrow, as in the proverbial tomorrow.

hobbitcore said...

"hey guys, guess what's in my hand."
"a biscuit?"
"no, not even close...jemaine?"
"another kind of biscuit?"
"no i haven't got a biscuit, have i? i said no biscuit. it's not going to be another kind, is it?"
"is it a really big biscuit?"