Tuesday, July 31, 2007

for the sake of the empire

the good/evil Darth Vader Ant Godhead on the couch is telling me I should WORK


sophan said...

ah man that a fresh ass couch! i like the drawing to the left of the dark lord.
but i tought long and hard and i decided to go with the guy riding the bike lying down. it's the one you did in tilinghast class.
thanks bud.

Victorytea said...

Hey! I still have this picture on my computer, it's a nice couch, it makes me want to vandalize nice furniture in rich upper class houses. Yeah, I don't mind playing courier to your lovely prints. I'm not sure which ones I want specifically, except maybe the one with the dude being smothered by breasts. I really like that one. And I've also been obsessed with collecting bird prints, so if you have any birds you'd like to contribute, I'd be happy to accept. I also am in love with the paintings of jasmine in front of the mattress with her face melting off that you gave to kent and Will, but I wonder if she would be weirded out knowing that I had a print of your painting of her since it's possible I may see her in the near future. If there's anything *you* want back that you left here, let me know too:)

YukiukiH said...

i think i need one on my couch as well to remind myself TO WORK.

Lubomir said...

Hey, excellent work!